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Blizzard Suds Blaster

Soap Foaming Attachment

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Product Description

The Aero BLIZZARD™ SUDS BLASTER is a powerful weapon against dirt and grime when connected to a pressure washer (sold separately). Custom tuned to AERO SUDS, the AERO BLIZZARD™ SUDS BLASTER delivers a dense layer of foam, lifting dirt and grime away from the paint so it can easily be rinsed off.

Just add 2 to 3 ounces of AERO SUDS to the 1-liter carafe, fill with water, connect to a pressure washer and blast off with AERO BLIZZARD™ SUDS BLASTER.

- INCLUDES 16oz AERO SUDS....$19.99 Value

- Fully adjustable foam density and foam spray pattern.

- Uses up to 90% less water than a traditional wet washing

- All brass construction with a quick connect that is the perfect fit for most pressure washers

- Creates a dense layer of heavy foam

- Has an incredible working range of 1.46 to 5.3 GPM

- Requires as little as 870 psi Pressure washer.

- 28-410 Threaded fitting, allows replacement with a direct fit AERO SUDS bottle.

Blizzard Suds Blaster